How 2 Be A Ballr In Baseball

How 2 Be A Ballr In Baseball

What to wear:

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New Balance Bold and Gold Hero Cleats (White/Black)

Nike Swingman Baseball Pants (Piped)

Nike Pro Combat Baseball Sliders

Mizuno Generation Baseball Belt

Stance Wizard Men's Socks

Nike Pro Combat Fitted Shirt (Black/Grey)

Nike Pro Combat Fitted Shirt (Grey/Black)

Nike Base Thief Fitted Baseball Hat

Evoshield Arm Sleeve (Grey Digi-Camo)

Evoshield Evoscopes Baseball Sunglasses

Nike Men's Hot Corner 1.5 Sleeve Hitting Jacket

What Gear To Use:

2015 Easton Mako Baseball Bat

Rawlings 11.5" J.J. Hardy Heart Of the Hide Glove

Easton Z-15 Batting Helmet

How to Ball Up

Make hella tight plays in the infield.

Pimp Every Dinger.

Don't ever bunt. Ever.

Dive for everything because it looks cool.

Hit bombs on the daily.

Thats About It.

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